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I am sorting through my scrapbook area because I bought a new shelf and tubs for my area. As I'm doing so, I see I have a lot of cool things, but just more then I'll ever use.

Would it be appropriate to offer some of it here? I am seriously thinking of selling it for shipping and garage sale prices and would love for you to benefit from my overindulgence.

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I think it would be great to have a FSOT thread! They do on the CDing board.

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we've tried this before (I still have a box of stuff I tried selling here) ... but I don't see why we can't try again!

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I think it would be great also!!!

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::chunters:: Bloody distance!!

Great idea though! I'm on a UKScrappers forum and they have a marketplace, which does very well. They also have a PIF / Swaps / Wishes type area, which is good too. Smile