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    Default Question about albums

    This might be a confusing question, but i hope someone can give me some suggestions.

    I have an album for DS from birth - age 2. I have started one for DD. Now, here is my you have one that you do for both kids, like holidays, vacations, etc? I have a separate album for Christmas starting in 2005 where i put all my picture christmas cards, plus photos of us opening gifts and stuff. I would like to have one album that i can concentrate on, instead of 3 (one for each of them plus me)

    I hope that isnt' too confusing. thanks!

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    After Kayson's first year, I plan on only doing one scrapbook of all the "main" events. so, yes, I would just stick to one scrapbook if that's what you want. I will only be scrapping trips, fun weekends, holidays, etc. of our whole family after I complete his first year. just do what works for you.
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    I'm doing a couple that are purely Andrea. She will have a birth book and a 1st year book, but then it will be "family" books.
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    I have 3 albums that are my kids, each one has when I was pregnant with them, their first year, and birthdays.
    I have another album just for holidays, events, vacations, etc...
    I thought about doing each kid a page(ex. christmas 2006) but thats really too much. I would have to make 4 lo's of the same thing.
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    I just use a normal baby book for Ruthie. But, starting this year, I am doing a "year in review" scrapbook (stole idea from friend! ) and I am giving it to Randall at Christmas.
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    i have 2 for DD #1 first year, it got so fat i slit it into 2 books of the same. then I have 1 for her 2nd year. now that she's "older" I think i'll do the next one for when she's 2 and 3 so its not too skinny

    with DD #2 i don't know if i'll end up splitting her first, I've only done the first page

    now i'm also working on our christmas vacation one. so yes, i have like 3 going. that's how i'll do it personally. i guess i'll be in trouble if i have as many kids as I want to have
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    This doesn't pertain to me as I really only have 1 child so far.

    But a friend of mine had decided to do 1 book for each child and not have one of her own. Her reasoning is when they grow up and move out, she doesn't want them fighting over who gets what pages.

    But at the same time, I don't blame you for following the way you are working it now. Because it does seem like a lot of work.

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