Question about cards

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Question about cards

I would like to make a card for my BIL and his wife as they just had a new baby boy yesterday morning! But I have never made one and I'm sure they are quite simple but I am probably just that dumb LOL! Do I just take a piece of 12x12 and fold it in half?? and then just decorate the outside? lol

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hehe. yeah...or any size and fold it in half really. I was just thinking about cards too...I am going to work on a bday card for the boy I nanny for today.

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Just keep in mind if you want to be able to have an envelope for it -- and what size envelope you have available may help determine size. Wink

Good luck designing!

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If you cut a standard 8.5x11 paper in half, then it makes two standard size greeting cards. Then just fold them in half.