question about paper scraping

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question about paper scraping

if you do paper scrapbooking are you supposed to copy your pictures and use those or use the originals?

I'm thinking I may dabble in both digital and paper because I'm having a hard time deciding

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I take digital photos so I have backup on disc. But if I have a photo from before digital I make a copy just incase I mess up something, or heaven forbid something happen to my pages.

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I take digital photos too, I just order the ones I want to scrap. I scrap the originals but I have negatives from my 35mm pics and my digitals are on cd so I can go back and get them if needed.

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I also take digital and just use the originals because backup is on CD.

If I use my regular camera, when I develop the film, I get a CD of the pics too, so I'm covered.

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thanks everyone

I take only digital pictures NOW but I only got my camera a year ago so everything prior to that is regular paper photos
but I normally order doubles so I'm good Smile

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I usually print pics from my computer at home or take a CD to walmart. I have a digital camera, so I store all my picture files on my pc and just print what I want.