a question about the quality of posted pictures!!

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a question about the quality of posted pictures!!

so i just posted a page for the 'give a little love' challenge. on my computer when i previewed the picture (not on here...), it was clear and good... but when it's posted on here, the text doesn't look smooth, you can't even make out the date in the bottom right corner... does anyone know why???

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Good question. I've seen that happen before with mine. I keep thinking it is because photobucket resizes the photo to make it a smaller file and thus clarity gets lost. I have no clue if that is right though.

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Good question. My guess would be what Stephanie said, too. If not... maybe there's an option when you save that you're missing? IDK. I know in PS when you save a .jpg, it gives you an option of how high of a resolution you want to save the file. :dontknow: I just looked at it, though, and it looked good to me.

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i resize the pictures before i upload them to photobucket.. so not sure if photobucket is still doing something to them?! i'm using picture it... had to uninstall photoshop for now.. Sad and there is no option to save it at a higher resolution..

but hey.. if you can see it just fine.. then i'm fine Wink

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That is a great question...I was wondering the samething...mine always does that to??? When I create a scrap page I start off with 12X12 and 300 DPI (cause I like to get them printed out)
I thought it was just the way I was saving them?? and maybe it does have to do with Photobucket? cause when I view them on my photoshop and on photobucket it looks fine..but when I post it, the fonts get a little distorted? so weird...but it is readable...It drives me crazy though...hahahahaha
I thought it was just me....glad I'm not alone..haha

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it's a photobucket thing, usually. if your picture is larger than 800x600, it resizes it, and the quality is distorted. so I make sure I resize to smaller than that before uploading. (the last digital pages I uploaded were 500x500)

Robin, I do want to do a page with your pictures (digital, probably), but it's a crazy week. those pictures are so sweet!