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question from a newbie

ok, so I did the one book that I posted, the overall theme was the same throughout.

do you normally do a single theme for one page, or carry out the same these for the entire book?

I like the idea of having something new on each LO, so I can really individualize my children, and I saw some really cute stuff last night at the craft store.

i think having the one theme for the whole book cost me a lot more. I spent $100 for all my supplies, but this also included glue, and paper cutter, and pens. eek, dh would kill me!

any suggestions? and good webistes to find cheap supplies?

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Well, now that you have all your "necessities" it shouldn't cost you that much everytime. Just tell dh that Biggrin

I don't do themes in my albums. If I were making a mini album as a gift I migh. When I did our "wedding album" I had a theme but only using the same colors throughout so it wasn't so drastic going from page to page. For my everyday pictures I don't do themes, just whatever I feel like at the time!

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I like having a theme per page! Or even on side by side pages, but I think I'd get too bored or run out of ideas w/ a theme throughout the book. I guess I like variety, but it's a personal preference, you do what you like! Smile

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I too like to vary my theme by layout and not by book. I think themed albums are very nice but I don't really have the time to start one yet. I focus mainly on my son and each of his layouts vary a great deal. However, I do find that I have a tendency to gravitate toward similar papers and colors. I just try to use them differently. As far as cheap places, I have no clue. I usually hit Hobby Lobby. I receive their email and they usually run a 50% off scrapbooking category like paper one week, stamps the next. I usually try to scout it then.

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none of my books has a theme. each of my kids has a first year book, and the pages vary from month to month, based on what was going on and what the baby was wearing. after that, I have family albums, one for each year. I use the post bound books so that when I die the kids can take the pages they want. Lol cause I'm not parting with those pages until I'm near my deathbed! anyhow, because I do the family books, the pages are all really different. I don't even know what single page layouts will be facing each other until I order it all when the book is complete. I don't know if any of that helped you, but that's just what I do.

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Right now I'm only working on Cadence's book.. but I do a different theme side by side (I like to have each side match - but thats just my preference!)

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"LindieLu" wrote:

Right now I'm only working on Cadence's book.. but I do a different theme side by side (I like to have each side match - but thats just my preference!)

Ditto. I have done some single pages but for the most part I at least like to have the facing pages match. Thats just the obsessive compulsive in me. LOL

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The only time my pages match or have the same theme is when it is a two page spread. I don't really do themes either.

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I don't do themes in my albums. Mine are digital, so I don't know if my response is as pertinent, but I just find it too hard to scrap pages in the style I want if I trying to stick to the same thing throughout.