QUESTION regarding paper storage

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QUESTION regarding paper storage

I'm wondering how you gals store/organize your paper. I have these paper holders (vertical) and while they hold the paper well, I find myself not remembering 1/2 of the paper that I have. I want to go through & reorganize and get myself reacquainted with what I have since I'm actually scrapping again but wasn't sure the best way to organize things.

Thanks, in advance, for your help.

(PS - can anyone tell me how to resize a photo that I want to put in my signature. I resized it on photoshop but it still shows up as huge here on the screen)


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Click edit in photobucket and resize it from there. It has a few different options

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Andie - I use the cropper hoppers for my paper, and organize by color. the pattern paper is hopeless, I just try to remember what I have. I have no good system for organizing that part.

And your siggy looks small to me, so I'm guessing you already resized.

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I wish I had good input here, but I just keep all of my paper in a plastic storage tub and it's all sorted in there, but I don't have separators or anything.

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No advice here either. I store mine in a kit box I bought a long time ago. The box is falling apart. I would like to organize mine as in colors or something like that. I saw a few organizers in Hobby Lobby that I would like to buy.

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I have a 3 drawer plastic box thing I bought at walmart, I have cardstock in one drawer and the other 2 are patterned paper. It's really not all that organized. I found a shelf unit at HL that I'm going to look in to getting. I've seen alot of people organize by color, I'm thinking of doing that if I get this organizer I want.

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I just ordered this on Ebay and got it yesterday....I love it!!!!! It's the best, no more bent corners or anything on my paper and it looks like it will hold a few hundred pages.