Question for those who digiscrap...

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Question for those who digiscrap...

For those of you who do digital you buy embellishments and kits online? I have seen really great kits and packages with elements and stuff like that to downloads for like 3 bucks but I am wondering if its even worth it? I'm so anxious to do my scrapbooking. I'm on my 4th page so far but I feel like I don't have enough embellishments to work with. I have sorta started making my own but its not the same as some I've seen out there. And its really time consuming...but i guess its worth it..for me anyway. Just wondering if any of you buy these things online and where do you buy them from? For digital scrapbooking of course Smile I'd love to order huge kits for paper scrapbooking but ill just buy some when I get to the states later this year. Thanks


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I, personally haven't bought any scrapbooking kits at all yet (although I have been tempted). Really if you keep watching and looking your collection of free embellishments really starts to add up fast.

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I have bought several kits online. They have all come from I think they have really fantastic stuff and I have been really happy with everything I've bought there.

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I get lots and lots of freebies from the sites, hopefully you have found a bunch of those. My goal is to only buy kits once in a while when I need something specific or when I see something that is just perfect. For example, I wanted to do an LO for Andrea's doctor appt and found a kit with a stethescope and syringe, etc. I probably average about $10 a month or less on purchases. I buy them from the same sites that I get the freebies from because I want to support the sites that give me so much.