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Question of the Weekend

(thanks to everyone for the suggestions you pm'ed me Biggrin And feel free to jump in and ask questions at any time. I certainly won't be offended lol)

If you could move to another country, would you?

The only one I'd probably consider still is New Zealand as that is where Wayne and I are striving to get one day...not that anything is wrong with anywhere else but when I moved to England on a whim it was super hard for me and I'm not going through it again except for paradise. lol

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probably not now since I want to be as close as possible to family...who are already somewhat spread across the country.

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I honestly don't think I would move to another country but I would move to another province

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England. Most of my family has since moved from there (and the die hard's died there) but I love it. I love the countryside, and the moors. I just feel at home there.

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Germany or England. I already told DH that if there's an opportunity either place we should consider it. DH and I met in Germany, I love it there. But I really love where I live now, and don't desire to leave my street. (I have great neighbors!)

One of my good friends is from NZ, she just moved back there in Dec. I miss her. It's too far away for us to visit. Sad

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nah. I like it here.

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Probably would never happen, as I love this country. Wink But...DH lived in Japan for 2 years before we met and that is the one country I could probably live too. (Atleast for a few years.)

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I was born and raised until I was 12 in Sydney Australia. I would go back in a heartbeat I miss it everyday. I absolutely love Minnesota right now except for the cold (which obviously is a biggie) and the lack of ocean, but the people and the twin cities are amazing so I am content for now. Since DH are starting our family I appreciate having both sides of the family here but who knows in the future.

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DH and I are too close to our families to be that far away from them. I would never go willingly!

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In a heartbeat. It would be Ireland, England or Russia, love the history there.

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I would NEVER go! I am way to close to my family to ever be more than 30 mins from any of them. We lived in Minn for about three years and I liked it but I missed my family way too much and found myself driving home all the time. Heck we lived 15 mins from my dad and as soon as a house was for sale closer to him we moved!! LOL Now we are only 2 blocks away.