questions- glue and chalk

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questions- glue and chalk

So 2 very random questions

Our dept. is moving in a few months and we cleaned out our supplies a week or so ago. We found boatloads of white chalk (probably 8 boxes with 10 pieces in each) and it's not moving to our new place. I know I've seen it used, but I can't recall where or if there are any special "rules."

For cards or cricut fine detail cuts, what type of glue do you have? For scrapbooking I use a tape runner. I have a glue stick works good for most of my card needs, but not for the fine detail stuff. I would like to get one of those xyrons for my cricut cuts, but I'm still not sure about rhinestones, ribbon, buttons, etc.

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I have just gotten some of those Zig pens....they're GREAT!! In fact, I haven't used my Xyron once since getting these..and kinda wish I hadn't bought it now. Sad Anyway...most of my embellishments come preglued...for ribbon I've always used my Xyron. For buttons I actually use adhesive squares. Not sure about rhinestones, but this is an excellent question. BTW I got the Zig pens in a lot of four off ebay for like 13.00 and that included shipping. There are four different tips from Jumbo to small...they're sooo awesome!!

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For the chalk, I am not aware of any particular rules. I would keep a box if it's all white and give the rest to a local school.

As far as adhesives, I love the Zig pens. Definitely super handy. I use glue sticks for most photos. I like zots for ribbon and buttons. They really seem to hold up well and can hold heavier stuff. I also have a small bottle of clear craft glue that I sometimes use with metal embellishments. I use it sparingly though because it can be messy.

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I wasn't the fondest of my zig pen, but that's just me. Don't know if I am using it correctly! Lol

I use zots and glue sticks and that's it.

ETA- sorry, I forgot about the chalk question. I don't see why you can't just try it. It never hurts right? I've never used it, but it would be worth a try.

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I use Zip Dry (it has a small tip) for all glueing except for pictures. I am not sure about chalk, I would suggest a little online research.

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Can't help w/ the chalk, but I can w/ the small cuts on Cricut. I, too, use the Zig 2 way glue pen. It's fine tip, so it makes getting even the thin cuts very easy. I think it's $3 or $4 at Michael's. I have a Xyron, but have yet to get it out of the box (paid w/ gift certificate, so I don't feel too bad...LOL).

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Love the Zig pen. I use Alene's craft glue for buttons and bling alot. Never thought to use the adhesive squares for ribbon, I'll have to try that Carrie.

I have some colored chalk that I use to color in stamps. It tends to rub off though. I know the art teacher at our school sprays hairspray (lightly) over the chalk when the kiddos use it. Never done that but I guess it works. I would think white chalk would look good on dark LOs.