quick post with lots of pages!

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quick post with lots of pages!

well I have no time to write but I have been trying to get lots of pages done when I get a few spare minutes here and there ! I PROMISE to come back tomorrow and write more and look at all your guys' threads but in the meantime here are my pages. TFL~! Biggrin

and one for his little "cousin" Holden :bigarmhug:

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Wow!!! Wow!! Wow!! These are all so great! I loved seeing each and every one of them. THey are all sooooo awesome Karen. I am so excited to not only see your work, but see that beautiful Brandon. Thanks so much for sharing and what great stuff!!!

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Great job Karen!!! Your monkey is just ADORABLE!

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OH my!!!! I can't believe how much you have gotten done! Way to go. He is so precious!

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awesome pages Karen. I am so excited that you have a little one to scrap about now. He is precious Smile

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These are so good Karen and I cried looking at them all. I just loved love love seeing pictures of your beautiful baby.

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Karen, these are my favorite pages EVER from you! Mainly because they're starring your little man, but also because they really are so nice. I'm not sure I can pick a favorite. I love the Hotel Hospital one, it's just so neat that you did a layout for that. And I love that Brandon's there, and you're pointing him out on the page. The page for Holden is wonderful, just so special.

I have to say, I can't believe you've done so many pages already for him. But I guess that he does still sleep a lot (or should be) which gives you some time to do pages. Smile

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Holy schmoly, have you been busy girl! LOVE your layouts, especially the Heaven Sent and Holden/Uganda ones. Awesome job! Brandon is so very precious, I love seeing updates on him! TFS!

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thank you everyone! Biggrin I had a ball doing them. I already have in mind what I am doing for a St. Patrick's Day one. lol!

Yeah Gwen I really should've been sleeping while he slept lol...Wayne kept telling me to go nap but I kept scrapping instead of sleeping...ah well. At least I had fun and have some nice memories. lol

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Wow, Karen! I LOVE these!!! They are so awesome. My fave I think is the hold your hand one with the blue paper and hearts but it really is hard to pick because they are all so good! I also love the belly pic progression. Makes me wish I did that! Smile I'm not sure if I ever got a chance to congratulate you since I was MIA for a few months - I am so happy for you and Wayne!

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Karen!!! Those pages are awesome! Your son is so cute! My little Cain is 6 months already and I have not even started his book:eek: You and Wayne just look so in love with him. I love the page on Holden!