A quick vent and a new page

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A quick vent and a new page

I don't feel like anyone else would understand this, so I'm gonna put it here...

First, let me say that I love my husband dearly. Our 7 year anniversary is on Monday and he is a wonderful man. He is just driving me buggy about my scrapping this summer!!! :rolleyes: Since we are teachers, we have more time in the summer for our hobbies. Mine are scrapbooking and reading. His are photography and D&D. Neither of us begrudges the other the time we spend on our hobbies. We're lucky enough to be able to send the girls to daycare 2 days a week this summer, giving us time for ourselves - both individually and as a couple.

That being said, I am tired of him criticizing my scrapbook pages!!! For a while I loved showing him my pages, but he started making suggestions and telling me how I need to change them. I told him they were the way I liked them. He says, "Well, I'm just the one who took art classes on composition and everything. Don't listen to me." So I stopped showing them to him. I post them on my facebook and he started telling me that I didn't have permission to use pictures that he took. They are copyrighted. :eek: What??? You mean the pictures of our family using our camera? I thought he was kidding, but he keeps saying it. I finally told him he was welcome to sue me if he wants but he knows I've got no money. ROFL

Anyway, tonight we were watching TV and I was sitting on the couch with my laptop scrapping. He came over and sat next to me and started giving his opinion. I told him I appreciated it, but I was doing it how I liked it and if he wanted to see it when I was finished he could. So when I finished, I showed him. He starts criticizing again and we got into a huge fight. He said I need to learn to not take criticism so personally. I told him I never asked for any criticism. He said that by asking him to look, I was looking for criticism. Grrrr! No, I wasn't! I was showing it to you because you wanted to see it!!! He muttered something under his breath and went upstairs. I'm staying down here for a little while to cool off.

So this is the page I made tonight... I am not looking for criticism, just wanted to show it to y'all. Biggrin

Here's a couple more from this week

Project 365 Week 26

(linked for credits)

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Carrie, first off I have to say I LOVE that siggy pic. The idea of getting in the back of my truck for a family pic is aweome!! Your pic is beautiful. I love that first LO too. The colors, the pics, everything. It is so fun and so neat. The other two are awesome also. I always enjoy seeing your P365 pages. Love that little pic of their room...it looks like an amazing room. Smile

Sorry about DH. I am not sure what other advice to give other than to maybe tell him how the critique makes you feel and just ask him very politely to refrain from doing it. It sounds to me like you maybe have already done that though. Sorry girl!!

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Well, I don't see anything wrong with your LO's! I love them. If DH thinks he can do better, tell him to do his own! Maybe you should start criticizing his pictures and he'll get the idea that it is not up to him what your pages look like just as it is not up to you how he takes pictures.

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I think your pages look great, as usual! I think you dh needs to grow up. Seriously, you can't post pictures on your facebook because they're copyrighted? Whatever. You should go take your own SUPER CUTE pictures and if he posts them on his give him some of his own medicine. Biggrin

You don't need an art degree to scrapbook! It's a HOBBY! Not a profession!

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Sorry about your DH! I think your layouts look great!

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I agree with the other posts. I love the top LO the most! Remind dh that art is subjective and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Just because he may be the one to take a special art class does not mean your less capable of making artistic decisions without his criticism. I think you should challenge him to create a layout and then for you to critique it despite how proud he may be of it. Since he's a teacher, he should remember you're not his student. And what's up with the copyright issue? I had DH read your post this morning and he just :rolleyes: and said your dh needs to get a grip. Are the pictures marked? That way no one could steal them on the net and claim them as their own if that's his fear.

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Those are all great! I would be so annoyed at him for that too. I don't ever want criticism on my layouts unless I ask for it so I would really get upset over that happening over and over. I have no advice, just ((hugs))

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maybe I could add him as a facebook friend ... and then I could criticize his photographs since he put them out there for me to look at. would that be okay?


I hope that things are better now. fingers crossed that he gets the message that when you show your layouts, you just want to show them, not change them.

btw, I really like your recent layouts - super cute!

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Tell him to make his own. If he doesn't like your pages, then hand him the software and dare him to do better.

Sorry he's not supportive. I think your work is lovely as will your girls.

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I'm just seeing this now - your post was when I was on holidays ...

But I have to say I don't see anything that needs to be changed on either of those either. If I remember though your dh doesn't like my pages though either, does he? lol I meant it when I commented on the one at Scrap Orchard, I really like it (and the other ones!)

That said, you scrapping is a hobby and he shouldn't be criticizing you unless you ask for his input - and then it should be in a positive way (constructive criticism), if at all. I would tell him you're not asking for an artist's opinion (even though he studied it), but on your husband's opinion, the father of the children that are in your pages.

And if it were me, and my dh wouldn't stop - I'd criticize one of his hobbies a couple times so he could see how it feels (as an extreme measure if he won't stop) D&D is role playing, right? And you're a drama teacher - you could say you've studied role playing/acting, and he just has to change his game play because it's not believable.

I hope he stops though soon, and I hope you continue to do your scrapping YOUR way, because it's YOUR hobby! :bigarmhug: