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Quickpages by me

Hi all! One of my CTs had us make quickpages and they want us to post on our blogs but not a lot of people visit my blog so I thought I'd let you know they are there. There are two quickpages and they are pretty cute, I think.

My blog is in my siggy.

Here they are:

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Aww, they are cute!

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They are very cute! Thanks for sharing them with us Smile

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Those are GREAT! TY! I love quick pages!!!

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I really like them, especially that second one. nice work!

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Wow Stephanie!!! LOVE those!!

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they are great.

are they going to sell them or?

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Those are great I think! I really like them.

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You did great on those! That's the cool thing about digi! Quick pages!

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"Mommy2007" wrote:

they are great.

are they going to sell them or?

Oh no, I wasn't clear - they are free on my blog (helps promote the new kit). Anyone can go download them from my blog.

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Those are adorable!

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girl these are fabulous! I may try to lift in paper ...is that allowed actually? lol

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I agree with karen, I may just have to scraplift those to paper. Nice.

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Oh my! I LOVE that first! I wish I did digi just so I could download it!