Quiet time pages (7/20)

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Quiet time pages (7/20)

Here are the pages I did this week during quiet time. I didn't do pages one day, as I was trying to do a digital page instead. It crashed my computer, and I don't even have a saved version. Will try that again another day.

Halloween 2004

Easter 2005

And a zoomed in look at the year which I did with the cricut and hung with a ribbon. I think it's cute.

Goodnight Jordan
Andrew's "reading" to Jordan here - the whole book is in the strip on the right

Jordan's First Haircut

The journaling:

Jordan’s first haircut!

I took Jordan to the Haircuttery for her first haircut, and she did awesome! She sucked on her lollipop with no hands (since they were under the cape) for most of the cut. She’s so very cute with her new cut!
October 3, 2005

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I love them!!!! great job!

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you did a great job! I love the easter numbers you did yourself! The goodnight one is perfect, did you make the letters or buy them? they look just like the book!

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I cut the letters with the cricut - that machine is AWESOME!

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How much are they? Do you have to buy different fonts, etc?

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I'm impressed! I love the first haircut one! I may even have to steal some ideas when the time comes for Kayson's first haircut!

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those are great!!! love the haircut one and the goodnight moon one!! i love that book!!! Smile you got a lot done.. the kids must have been really quiet today Wink

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I really like the haircut one. I think it is the colours you used that appeal to me!

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Awesome job Gwen!!! You are SO talented!! LOVE the goodnight moon page..one of ryans favorite books.
I soooo envy your Cricut machine Wink its really cool!

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thanks, girls. Smile I really like the colors in the haircut one too. Wink

I'm retarded with the Goodnight Jordan one - I didn't have the book handy (I did it when the kids were in bed) and used red as the mats. I looked at the book today, and it's orange. But the image I grabbed online (and used on the page) looked red to me. Oh, well, it still looks good, right?

AC Moore had the machine on special for $139 (it's usually $299, but it seems to always be on sale somewhere). The cartridges (for the different fonts) are $90, but I got my second font for half price. It's going to end up costing me a bit, but I will pace myself on the purchases (no choice there, really)

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Those are some awesome pages! I love the Good Night Moon one as well. Glad you got some stuff done. I have only made one page since scrap night. :-?

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Great work! Smile I really love the Goodnight Jordan LO-- that is one of my son's favorite books!

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The red is fine! I cant tell the difference.

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Wow, you are so creative! I love them all!

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They look good. It is so nice that you got a few done. Too bad you lost the other one, I bet it felt like you wasted a lot of time.

I really like the numbers you hung too!

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OH those are so beautiful! I LOVE the hair cut layout and photos. I also love the goodnight moon theme! I may have to steal that one Wink Those look great

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Those are great Gwen!! I love them all! I am totally impressed with how you hung the numbers from the ribbon on the Easter one. I am going to have to steal that idea Smile

Oh! And I can't believe how much Natalie looks like Jordan did back then!

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