RAK from Ashley!

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RAK from Ashley!

Ashley was so kind as to send me a couple of those pinwheels she made. They are adorable and Keeran knew right away they were for her. Smile She squealed with joy when I opened them, and has worn one in her hair everyday since. Smile Here are a few pics...thanks againn so much Ashley!

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Your daughter is adorable!!!

The hairbows are so cute, too - I must have missed a post showing off how cute they are!!

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Adorable! Do they stay in pretty well?

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Those are so cute! I can't wait till Allie has enough hair to wear things like that.

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Adorable! How thoughtful of Ashley!

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Yes Ashley! They stay in so great! But I am putting them on top of the ponytail, so maybe that's why. Her hair is growing out, but is still very fine. Smile We really love them. Thanks so much again!

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very adorable!!

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How stinkin' cute!!!! aaaaawwe!! That was very sweet of Ashley.

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Those are really cute and the little one wearing them is adorable too! Wink

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those are awesome!!! too cute. Very cute little girl too

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Those are really cute!

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what a nice surprise!!!!

and Keeran's gotten so big, where has the time gone?