Random Act of Kindness for member

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Random Act of Kindness for member

We have an old board member who has been struggling these past couple of weeks. Carrie/Princess Leia had little Dylan as a preemie and she is still in the hospital. Also, Scout, her toddler, has cronic ear infections with tubes, etc so it has been a busy time for their family. A couple of ladies have suggested that we make up some pages for them since Carrie obviously does not have time right now.

In an effort to keep this private so that no one feels bad if they cannot participate, we will be handling this on a private board. If you are interested in making a page (either paper and mailing it or digital), please PM me right away so we can get you set up on the private board. You can also PM me with any questions. I will not be the one coordinating everything, but until we get the board set up, I'll field any questions.

Note: Dylan is doing well and may come home this week.