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Randy Report

Surgery is scheduled for NEVER!!!! Yahoo He's fine!!! Thank you all so much for your prayers. God has blessed us indeed.

He said yes, it did grow together too early, but since it's not putting pressure on his brain or making his eyes too close together, or bulging, he's going to be fine! No surgery! I walked in with tears, and walked out with a huge smile knowing that all the honor and glory goes to the Lord! Biggrin They did a ct on the brain, saying he'd call if anything was wrong. He was certain there wasn't and I haven't received a call. It's purely cosmetic, as in the ridge, and we could have surgery if we wanted (of course we don't) but he said it wouldn't get any bigger, and he would just grow into it!

Thanks again ladies. You are amazing!

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Yahoo :yahoo:

PTL! Smile

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thats great news!! Yahoo

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Great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Praise God!!! That's FANTASTIC news Sadie!

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That is wonderful!

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Sadie ~ That is FABULOUS news!!!!

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What amazingly wonderful news. I am so happy for your family!

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That is wonderful news! Yahoo

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Congrats! Wonderful news!

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That is FANTASTIC news. i am so happy for you.

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Thats great!!!!!

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Praise the Lord!!! So happy to hear this!!!!

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Yay for wonderful news!!!

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Terrific News!

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Sadie, that's such great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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That is fabulous news Sadie! PTL!!

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YAY that's awesome news! So happy for you and your family.