Ready for the crop! (Store scores!)

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Ready for the crop! (Store scores!)

I will definitely post pictures. Just have to take them. :biglaugh:

Hubby surprised me today with a trip to the scrapbook store. Gave me $25 to buy papers and things. I bought 1 pack of flowers, 1 pack of stickers and all the rest as papers! He watched Katie while I shopped and LOVED my choices. I made myself have a design idea before I picked it (so not just a "oh this could be good for cards" choice but a "Oh yes, this would fit this design" choice).

This was in addition to some Christmas shopping we did today waiting for the older two kids to get done with school. (They had an early release today and are off Thursday and Friday).

I'm so excited for the crop now!

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While taking the pictures, I found the receipt and realized I didn't actually didn't spend the whole $25, which I didn't realize before because we bought 2 books for Christmas presents while we were there too. I bought 23 papers total out of it all, but many are doubles.

The stickers (for autumn) and flowers. There are 3 flowers in the pack and I plan on only using half of a flower, so it'll make 6 cards.

Paper to use the flowers with

Fall paper

religious paper (baptism, general, godparents, and a love based one)

Christmas papers
(ugh, these aren't the true colors. It's a true red, green, dark blue and cream dotted color)

The bottom paper is Angels we have heard on high music. The top right looks like pages from a book and is in another language.

I have 2 pages of star paper too that I seem to have forgotten to photograph. Hm.

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Great buys! Sounds like a good trip overall. Bring on the crop, now!

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awesome buys! Can't wait to see what you'll make with them!! Two more days!! Smile

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Mmmmmm, those papers are yummy! Can't wait to see what you create! Come on crop, hurry and get here. Smile

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I LOVE the paper. Great score!! Have fun with it!!

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Wow, you got some great stuff! Can't wait to see what you make with all of it!

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Fun! I haven't bought new scrap stuff in way too long!

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That book paper in the top right of the last picture? I want to go back to the store and buy out all the rest of it that they have. Amazing cards from it.

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