received my first printed digi LO

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received my first printed digi LO

It turned out great, BUT the it got bent pretty good while being shipped. Sad Do you think I should email scrapbookplease? Has anyone had experience with this? I am a little disappointed.

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I would definitely e-mail the place and let them know it was bent up. Was there a "Do not Bend" stamp on the outside of the package? I just ordered some labels on ebay and the post office had stamped DO NOT BEND all over the outside, yet my mailman just folded the whole envelope in half and stuck it in my mailbox. Frusterating!!

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That sucks! It couldn't hurt to email them, though I am not sure how much they can do about the mail...

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I would email them too.

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yeah I would deff notify both the post office and scrapbook please about them being bent. Maybe they can ship replacements in a tube then all you have to do is flatten them for a day or so kwim?

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Let them know about your frustruation. They can't fix the problem unless they know there is a problem!

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I agree with the others, do let them know. I know when I got my two orders from, they used heavy cardboard on both sides so it wouldn't get bent. That should be standard practice. Let us know what happens.

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That shouldn't have happened. That is there fault. They need to replace it. I've never had a picture bent when I received it.

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I had the same problem with WalMart 2 weeks ago (well this and MANY others!!) They sent me another photo.