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I've been getting a bunch of pages done this week. I'm getting caught up again. I'm over halfway through July finally, only a few more pages to be caught up. I don't like to be more than a month behind, especially since July was so busy. Anyway, here are a few pages:

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The first one is my favorite! It made me laugh! I'm like "Monkey Food?" LOL Then I saw the bananas! LOL So cute!! Nice job!

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I have to agree with Aja...the first is my fave too! The pics and title are so cute. And I love the shape of the frames. The Birthday Girl page is a close second though. The way you put a circle around the birthday girl was a good draws the eyes to her.

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I like her and her friends each in their own circle with their names. And the circle around the birthday girl. All of them are so cute!

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Love them all Stephanie, but Monket Food is my fav. What great work you do!!! TFS

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Those are wonderful! I like the monkey food one the best!

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CUTE! I love them all but like the park one best Biggrin

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very nice work! i have to say I agree and like the first one with the bananas the best Smile though they are all great, of course!

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OMG! that Monkey Food one is priceless. They are all great pages TFS.

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So cute! Love the monkey food one the best, but I love how you got pics of the kids peeking then cropped the photos, that's really neat!

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All of them are super cute! Great job!

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oooooh!! Very nice!!! I really like the picture of the girls' faces in the holes! What a great photo opp!

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HEY!!! Lakefair! Thats right you live by us! We live in oly, but we missed lakefair this year.

I LOVE the monkey food page, its just perfect! Very nice pages, you've been busy!

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I too forget that you live near. Lol Well, mostly it just gets pushed to the back of my mind, but same difference really.

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those are great!
I love how you circle the birthday girl in the photo---nice tip Wink

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Very cute! The Monkey Food one is my fave Smile

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