Recent pages, (4 pics)

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Recent pages, (4 pics)

Here are a few recent pages, they are all from 2007.

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Great pages! I adore the last one. I love the colors, and she is a doll in a hat! Biggrin

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Love the pages and she is just sooooo stinkin cute. I love to see her pics. TFS

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Those are great! I really like the one you did with her 4 month doc visit. Kayley has her 9 month visit on Tuesday and I am hoping to get the doc to make me a print out with all that info.

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Very cute!

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those are great

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Great colors on all four! I love the faded heart pic! Cool technique. And my favorite is the last one too!! Great job!

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Love the last LO, super cute!!!

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I love how you scrapped the 'stats' at the 4 month appt - I need to keep track of things like that to do a page like that. And I REALLY love that last page, where you list the accomplishments... cute baby, too, btw Smile

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lOVE the 4 month lo!! she such a cutie!

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Those are great, and that hair is too cute!

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I love seeing pictures from last year, she's so cute with that hair!!!! and it's so cool that you do the month pages with both the stats and what she's up to.

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These are great! I always love to see LOs without photos because they're so unique - I really like the dr. appt. one!

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Great lo's!!