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I worked on these on Saturday. I don't even know how long I left DS with DH, but I needed some me time.

I might add some journaling to it, but it goes with this one that I did a few weeks ago for the phone tag:

Thanks for looking Smile

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They're all great! I especially love the scrapper in training one! Biggrin

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Love them all Lauren! The star paper on the 4th of July LOs is really neat! The scrapper in training pics are darling, and the cookie LO is my fave!! TFS

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totally know what you mean about needing "me" time. I told DH the other day that I really would love some HOURS to scrapbook.

the pages look nice. did you make the fireworks yourself? looks really cool! and I really love "scrapper in training". Cookie Monster is adorable. Smile

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i did do the fireworks...with a glitter glue pen. I am not as happy with the one in the bottom left...I did the top right one second and it came out much better.

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The paper you used on the 4th of July layouts was the circle frames too.

The Mommy's Little Helper layout is my, love it all.

And the last two are adorable too. You rocked these! Can totally understand needing "me" time. Glad your sweet DH let you have some! (we got to reap the benefits too by looking at your work!) Smile

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Those are great, Lauren! I love how you have everything laid out on the scrapper in training one!! I just may need to lift that LO! Biggrin

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Very cute! Scrapper in training is my favorite, I love the backround paper you used.

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How awesome that you were able to get some time away to scrap! All of them turned out great, I love the Little Scrapper one!

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Wow, you've been busy! I love the mommy's little helper one and the circles on the 4th of July one, really great job (and just a side note, Kaitlyn does the same thing, 'helping' me with the laundry.)

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Yay for time to scrap and have a few hours of peace and quiet! Smile

I love all your pages! I love the scrapper in training and cookie monster best! They've all got great color schemes and great accents (frames and arrows and journaling!).