Recent pages (6 large pics)

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Recent pages (6 large pics)

I finished several pages recently and thought I would share. I would have liked some embelishments on the first one, but I didn't really want to buy any right now, so I just tried to make it colorful. Overall, I'm happy with the pages. If you have any suggestions, that is great.

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oh those are all great. I love them. I love the bubble page. I can never think of a good way to do bubble layouts and I have seen so many great ones!

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Andrea seems so smart! I love the pics of her feeding her doll from her bowl! Cute imagination! My favorite page is the one of her trying on daddy and mommy's shoes. Toooooo cute! TFS

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My favorite is the one where she's eating her snack off the floor! LOL Oh, the things I get too look forward too!

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They are all so cute! She has a great imagination! She's too cute for words! The last 4 are my favs! BTW...Ruthie eats off her plate like that. Daddy taught her that. :rolleyes:

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Those are too cute! The cheerios on the floor crack me up!

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Cute pictures!
I love the buttons and ribbon on the fourth page.

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ROFL That last one is too cute! That just cracks me up!

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she is such a funny toddler!!!!!! I love how you scrap the everyday moments, you really are capturing her toddlerhood. Smile

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Those are great!! I love the cheerios LO.

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They're all adorable, great job! I love the one of her eating off the floor! LOL

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Those are great! I like the use of color ... I'm not big on embellishments either

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very nice! even though I feel bad for her, the one of your DD sick on the couch is cute.

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She is so beautiful Steph! I like the bubbles!

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those are great! that last one is too cute Smile