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"Recent" Stuff

Recent as in recently finished, some were started a loooong time ago, others within the last couple of months. Sorry for the glare- it's too cold outside to try for the "natural" light. Not really happy with them, I think a couple of them need more, but I am calling them done for now.

This is the joke around the house, when we got the cat in Aug/Sept we were told she is "very independent, just feed her, let her be outside and she's happy. She is not a lap cat". She has been outside for a total of less than 2 hrs, no more than 5 min at a time. She is always near us/following us around and while she doesn't sit in our lap, she will sit right next to us and head-butt us until she is petted.

More Turkeys! So far we have seen turkeys twice, deer once (we don't see that very often in this area), and we think we have a opossum in a stack of wood behind our house- but we haven't gotten a good picture of it yet.

and hidden journaling!

Abby's 3rd bday, I was going to call it done for now, but just realized I should at the very least put a date on it.

Abby's first time in pigtails, she wasn't happy about it at all. Biggrin

The deer! The pics are hard enough to see since we had to take them through the patio door- they took off when we opened it to take better pics of them.

This one x4, one for each kid.

And this is my stack of lo's I need to finish yet. I'm not going to let myself start any more new lo's until I have these finished up. Biggrin

My very own scrapbooking space!! I finally got it all organized etc (only took 6 months to do!)

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They are all great LOs! But I do have to say that the pigtails one is my favorite!! I also really like the stickers you used on the birthday LOs.

It is so easier to get started on a new LO when you haven't finished the one or ones before. I have a bigger problem with getting distracted and making cards or some other project and letting my actual scrapbooks sit. Or even jumping from one book to another (my poor wedding book may never get done now that I am working on Xavier's books)!

Hooray for an organized scrapping area! Sigh...I may never know what that feels like! Blum 3

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Mel!! You've been busy eh? Love all of them...but the piggytails is my fave too. What a moment to capture and scrap. So that pile is all premade pages that need pics?? That's a cool idea!! TFS and congrats on your awesome space too. I couldn't keep the computer near me when I scrap or no scrapping would get done. Smile TFS

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Those are great! The 3rd birthday and the pigtails one are my favorite! I love the pattern paper in the birthday page it reminds me of cupcakes! Oh and YAY on the scrapping space I love seeing those types of pics.

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Those look great! I really like the pigtail LO also and I the Twins LO too. That's a huge stack of almost done LOs girl!

Your scrap area looks nice and neat!

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You've been very busy and they are all great. I really love the pigtails one!! I need to get shots of my lo trying to get hers out. LOL

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great work Smile while i'm afraid of cats, that cat one is too funny. what a story lol

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glad you're catching us up. Wink love the ponytails page, and that you devoted a layout to it, despite her unhappiness. Wink 3rd birthday is super cute! and whoo hoo on the scrap space!

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I really like all of them, but the Miss Independent page is my favorite! Love how you used a different color for each letter...that plays well with the theme! And the flowers are so nice! Great job on all of these! You've been busy! LOVE your scrap space! Super jealous!