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Good morning! Smile I haven't been around for a while, so i thought i'd share what i've been up to - crafting wise. I haven't done a LO for yonks but dd my first one yesterday for the Saturday challenge and here's that:

The rest are cards...

... and that's what i've been doing.

That and growing a new baby of course! Biggrin

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Wowzers!! What a beautiful LO Sarah! LOVE it. It's just soooo pretty. And your cards are amazing also. LOVE how you can combine are so good at that. TFS your great stuff. And congrats on the pregnancy! I hope you have a super HH9M!!!

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Love them all! Your easel card is too cute, I want one of those Tilda girl stamps. I love the long cards too! I saw one like that on the Cricut board and have been meaning to make one. Not sure what kind of envelope to use on that one. You most certainly have been busy!

Congrats on the pregnancy too!

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Wow Sarah! Love the "Many happy returns" card. How did you make that? Congrats on your preg!! Lyric is getting so big and so cute!

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Oh my gosh, congratulations Sarah!!!!! That is VERY exciting! I can't believe how much hair Lyric has since the last time I've seen a picture of her!! So cute!

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Sarah, I'm LOVING your cards. The added bling/pearls are such a nice touch!!! And as I commented on your Saturday post, I LOVE the Ada layout, it's gorgeous. A beautiful tribute to your sweet girl. And again, I'm super thrilled that you're growing another baby!

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Thanks girls, you're really kind. Smile

The Tilda stamp isn't actually one i own. I begrudge paying £10 for something that's just one thing iykwim, so i just pay about 99p for 10 stamped images from ebay instead. That way i don't have to pay loads, someone else does that actual stamping for me (which i'm terrible at) and i don't regret spending too much when i get bored of the same image. Job done! Biggrin I love the Tilda ones and i like the Penny Black stamps too.

The easel card is one i lifted from a magazine article. They're actually pretty easy to make and this one was the first one i'd tried. I started with a piece of A4 card and trimmed off enough so that when it's folded directly in half it makes a square. Then i cut out a square from another peice of card to stick to the front. IDK... I'm rubbish at explaining things... AHA! Here's a video:

Lyric has a LOT of hair. She looks like a mad scientist we think. Lol

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The Ada page is beautiful!! The lacy background is gorgeous. Sweet, sweet, little Ada.

The baby cards are my fave! Sooo cute and I'm going to just copy you ok?! I even have the same bird paper that you used on the blue Baby card and I didn't know what I was going to do with it. Perfect!

The Many Happy Returns card is devine!! OMG, I love it!

CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR PREGNANCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't know!!! How sneaky of you to throw that in there!! Wink YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Love everything especially the Ada LO.

and sneaky you slipping that in there...CONGRATULATIONS!!! HH9M

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Your page of Ada is breathtaking.. so very beautiful...

I love your cards! They are so great and you can tell that you put a lot of time, effort, and thought into them. Any recipient would be happy to get them!

I noticed your ticker the other day and offered my congratulations... and I will do it again! Congratulations!! Smile Will you be finding out the gender of this little one or keeping it a surprise? Wink

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Thanks Linda! Biggrin We will be keeping it a surprise, although i've had so many scans now i don't think i will be able to NOT see what it is iykwim.

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I ment to post earlier on that Ada page, I think the page is just gorgeous. I can't wait to see what you come up with for new baby.

I love how you embellish the letters for the cards, i will have to try to incorporate that in my own work.

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Wow. Your work is amazing. LOVE the Ada page. So sweet! Love the colors & textures!

Your cards are awesome! Love the baby ones, and as Gwen mentioned, your added bling/pearls. Great job!

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Yep you're right, we always do miss each other on this board!! lol I went looking for your recent work while I had a spare minute Smile

The page you did for Ada is absolutely precious. I love everything about it. :bigarmhug:

Those cards are so gorgeous girl. Better than store bought for sure! I only wish we used "ta" here in much shorter and easier to write than thank you or even thanks when you are short on space! lol