Regan's professional pic LOs (LOTS)

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Regan's professional pic LOs (LOTS)

Here's the ones I have done for Regan in the last few months. I still haven't done any of Carson yet.

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cute! my, how he's grown...

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Once again really cute.

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Those are all sooooo good!! I LOVE them! Makes me think I need to do this with my pro pics. Will you have a single pro pic album or just put them in with the regular albums? GREAT job!!

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too cute! I love his little tongue!!!! I feel like I have so many of the same pictures - same poses, props, etc. Wink you did a great job with these layouts too. you're making me want to jump back into mine and do some more.

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I love 'em all! They really are beautiful pages! The giraffe and turtle embellishments are really cute, too! You also do a nice job with your titles.

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Thank you all for the sweet compliments. No one thinks they are too much the same ol' same ol'? I feel like I wasn't getting much variety with them.

I have separate albums for the professional pics, I plan to have one for each child. Brooklyn's is only 2 LOs away from being filled so I will have to add more pages.

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Awwwww! I love the second one!

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All of them turned out very nicely, but my fave is the one with the giraffe and circles. Smile Too cute!

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Awww, he is so cute! Love some of the patterned papers you chose. The pages look great.

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I love those pics and the pages! Cute!