reintroducing myself

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reintroducing myself

Ive been a member of for 6 years. I think way back in the day I posted as redmomtotwo (which obviously doesnt work anymore lol) I havnt posted much on this board in the last two years since I couldnt sit while pregnant and my fourth child has sucked all the creativity out of me lol.
Ive been digi scrapping for 6 years as well, back when shabby princess was only doing mini freebie kits lol. (in fact I think I have the first kit she ever offered as a freebie lol)
I started using PSE, but now I use CS3.
Im really hoping to get back into since I have a million kits that I adore and want to use. (I think Im up to 40 gig of downloads )
Im a SAHM to Andrew ( 8 ) Kate Diablo Dylan (4) and Tyler (19 mths) When Im not on my computer Im playing video games, reading, or spending time with the womens group from my church.
Over the years I have at one time or another been active on the March 03 board (before it died a sad death) March 05, Jan 08, I lurked on the MAy 08 since both my sisters are on it, and I long long ago used to post on the LDS board.
There thats more info then you probably ever needed lol
My scrapbook gallery is in my siggy if you want to see it

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I remember the sad deaths of the 2003 boards. Smile I was active on June 2003 before it died. Your kids are VERY close in age to mine! When is your Andrew's birthday? My Andrew turns 8 in October. (then I have Jordan, who turned 6 in July, Natalie is 3.5, and Jack is 13 months). Anyhow, glad to see you here!!!!

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Andrew Turns 8 in four days. (He has been announcing it every morning lol) Kate is a March 03, Dyl is Feb 05 (due in march), and Ty is my Jan 08
Yeah, the march 03 board died because of Drama issues. It was painful lol. I still peek in on the march 05 but its pretty slow. Jan 08 has been amazingly free of drama and its still going strong (which isnt surprising since They arent even two yet)

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:wavehello: You have some adorable kids, and I am glad that you are posting here again!

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Hello! I thought I recognized you from somewhere? Maybe here? Anyways, so glad you re-joined us on here. You're very talented and have adorable kiddos....perfect scrapbooking combo. Wink

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Hello and welcome!! Biggrin

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THanks for the reintroduction! Your kids are so cute, I love that siggy pic. Hoping you can stick around here a bit!

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nice to meetcha! Biggrin

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Yay for un-lurking! Smile This board is awesome, so I hope you'll stick around and join us!

Your kids are truly adorable! And I love the pages that are in your gallery!

Thanks for the introduction. Smile

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hi Becky!!

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We are happy you are here. Sorry it took me so long to read your thread. I haven't met too many who have been digi scrapping for as long as you have.

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Welcome back to the board!