Requested fishing trip pics (pic heavy)

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Requested fishing trip pics (pic heavy)

Here are the pics from our recent trip to Branson, Mo. There are quite a few so TIA for looking. Smile

Griffin getting sleepy

Keeran probabloy getting sleepy Smile

Austin driving with daddy watching very carefully Smile

I love getting pics of them looking over the edge

Griffin LOVED putting the fish back in the water. Thank goodness, cause I sure didn't. Smile

Being silly and bored.

Finally caught some fish worth keeping. Caught 12 or so white bass in about a half hour time span. Fun and crazy fishing. Austin caught about three on his help casting or anything. Here's one of them

Going home: pic of boat and my NEW truck! I am a Ford this is my baby. Smile

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LOVE the truck and boat! I am a Ford girl too, but I *love* my Chevy. I like the room it has. Biggrin

Great pics! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

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awesome! looks like such a fun time!! I love boats, and was feeling wistful looking at these. I love the picture of Austin driving, he's so focused. you're gonna have some awesome scrapbook layouts with these!

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lovin the fishing pics!!! your familys adorable!

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wonderful pics! It looks like they enjoyed being out on the water. I am a ford girl too... we only drive ford! Smile

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Carrie, your kids are just so stinkin cute! great pics Smile