Results of Daytona scrap session

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Results of Daytona scrap session

Last week was Daytona, so I sent my DH and DS away. Smile I locked myself in the office and made myself scrap some layouts that I have been putting off. Here are the results:

A picture frame for my sister who is expecting in May

Then is our ICE layout. It was for an ice sculpture exhibit around Christmas. Not my favorite but it is done

A page for pictures of a visit with my grandmother this past summer

Pics of him playing with his sand table (used real sand on the strips)

Mama layout- I have never done one of us

And finally a cupcake page- just because I can

Thanks for looking. Any comments and/or criticism is welcome!

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Those are really nice. I LOVE the mama page!

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Those are all great! I might have to scraplift a few of your pages!!! Smile

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Great work! I like the "mama" in brackets! And I love the sand page. So cool that you used actual sand. I'll have to remember that. Kayson loves playing in the sand at the park, so that would be perfect. The frame is darling too. Are those cupcakes a stamp or what? so cute.

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Thanks ladies. For the sand I just used some embossing tape. Works great. The cupcake is a stamp. I found it in a four pack in the $1 bin at Micheals! I was so excited because I couldn't find anything with cupcakes that didn't look girly. So, I made my own. Smile

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They all look wonderful. I love that pic frame for your sis and I love the ICE pages. Very nice. TFS

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Holy cow you were busy! I love the sand too. Too cute Biggrin

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those are great! I love all of your uses of ribbon, but my favorite is the one where you did an inside outline of the page (my brain isn't working right to properly describe that). anyhow, you got a lot of great pages done, I bet it feels great! and I really like you did the Mama page, just lovely!

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you sure did get a lot done! i love the "mama" page with the button heart! congrats on getting so much done!

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Again I appreciate it. I'm still not happy with the ICE layout. Something is just not clicking. Any advice? Or should I just start over?

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Those are all great, I love the photo frame and the mama page!! Great job

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Wow! You got lots done! Good for you! Great looking pages!

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I like the variety in all of your pages, and I think you have very classy style. Beautiful work!

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very nice Smile
great job

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Great pages! I LOVE that photo frame- it is very cute. And the herat made out of buttons is a great idea- very cute!

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I love that mama page. Come to think of it, I have never done a page of DD and myself, but tons of my DH and her...hmm...need to get on that!

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Wow, you got a lot done. The picture frame is really cute. I'm sure she will like it. I really like the ice page. I like the color combination and I like that the spread is not "balanced". Maybe you don't like it because of the blank space on the left, but I think it works fine. The sand page is cute, I love the little embelishments.

My work computer won't show me the rest of the pics, maybe I can see them at home later.

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I like ALL of them! You did some great Los! I wish I could be that productive! I love your use of ribbon and I love the sand idea!