Ribbon Question

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Ribbon Question

I have a question about ribbon. Remember the ablum I'm making for a friends wedding. Well I'm also helping her with the "favors". Their favor is a CD so we are making CD covers and it involves ribbon.

Usually when I want to secure ribbon I use the tape I always use for scrapping. Do you all have a better way to secure ribbon?

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it is kinda wasteful, but if I really want it to be secure, I run it through my Xyron. If you are mass producing, you could cut down on the waste by running a bunch through side by side (if you have one, that is)

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Usually I cheat and tape it on the back with scotch tape. If its not an option to tape it on the back, I use my atg gun. I have ran it through the xyron too.

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I have used my xyron too, but I do like Kelly and use my adhesive squares on the back too. Just cut them before securing if your ribbon is skinny. HTH

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My tape runner works great for ribbon...or a few adhesive dots. can't wait to see these...i bet they turn out cute!

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I use a gluedot.

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I use my Xyron but I try to combine it with letters for something else so it's not a waste.