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I don't know if any of you ladies use Ringo as a photo sharing website but I just received confirmation that they are discontinuing service as of June 30th. I just wanted to let everyone know so they didn't lose their photos.

Well, since my photo sharing website is closing, what websites do you ladies use? I don't really use it to order pictures from. It is mainly a tool for friends and relatives to view pictures. It needs to be easy to use and with as little spam mail as possible.

Any suggestions would be great.

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I use Photobucket most.


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I'm sorry, that totally stinks. I have never even heard of Ringo.

I also use Photobucket, they are easy to use and I do not get any spam from them. They also have some cool tools to resize and other various things right on their site.

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I use snapfish.

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Lately I have been using flickr b/c photobucket takes forever on my computer to rotate and it drives me insane.