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on a roll

here are more vacation ones from me. at this rate, I won't have any pics left to scrap for the virtual crop! sorry no time to type out journaling tonight Sad

(palm trees, waves, and "beach bum" are from Life is a Beach...the beach bum cut is popped up but you can't see that in this pic)

(font is opposites attract)

(font is alphalicious short stack. Popsicle is from doodlecharms. It is hard to see, but there are little water droplet stickers above the pic of my sister drenching herself, haha)

(font is opposites attract, all seashells except long skinny one at the top are from life is a beach cart., and the pail and shovel are life is a beach, as well. it is hard to see, but the seashells and the bucket are popped up, and I used chalk on the seashells to accentuate the cuts)

Thanks for looking at all my crazy LOs lately Lol

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girl, you ARE on a roll!!!! Beach Bum is so cute! and I really love how you framed the shoe picture in the Bigfoot layout - I need to try that. Smile I like how you laid out the pictures on the Fun & Games layout, and great blocking in the sandbox layout. Smile

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Wow, you're not kidding that you're on a roll! Great pages, I think the first is my favorite, love the colors of that page and the palm trees!

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Wow, look at you cranking them out!!!! Awesome!!! I really like the colors and pp you used on the Bigfoot LO. I really like the look of the the Fun & Games title - Alphalicious is one of the carts I just got so I'll have to check the short stack feature out! I really like how you laid out your pics on the big sandbox layout. Great job!! Biggrin

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Great work Lauren. Love them all.
Rest assured that if you need pics to scrap I have a bunch I can send you. Smile

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Great Pages! I've been so busy on cards that I haven't even done a page....Love your LOs.

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they all turned out great! that beach bum cart looks really fun!!

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so cute! Love your colors! My faves are 1 & 3 Biggrin

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GREAT pages!!! life is a beach looks like a fun cart... hmmm.... might have to look into that hehehe

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wow! look at you go! That's awesome!! and as far as your comment on not having any pictures to scrap for the VC.. all i can say is that I WISH i had that problem! Lol

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Awesome LOs, I love what you did with all the colors and embelishments on all of them!

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wow, you are on a roll! You girls make me want to get my butt in gear!

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Wowee busy lady, I want some of that mojo. I love them all but I think that last one is my favorite. The title fonts work really nicely for it.