on a roll...finally

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on a roll...finally

So today I finally laid out all the new paper, embellishments, etc. I have for baby stuff, finished picking out and cropping all the pics from since DS was born, and then this evening sorted them out into groups of pics I want to group together for pages and then jotted down some ideas for titles/themes and journaling notes/ideas. Now that it is all organized, I feel like I could grab a group of pics and sit down to make a page quicker, as opposed to the pile of pictures and jumble of ideas floating in my head. Since DS naps for like 30-45 minutes at a time, it will be nice to have a little packet of pics and ideas ready to scrap when I get the chance! Now, we will see when I actually get a page done now that I have done all this prep. Wink

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what a great start!!! The last time I ordered from winkflash, i sorted out my pictures and separated them into different themes and put them in sandwich bags. Now all i have to do is grab a bag (that i labeled with the contents) and start scrapping! It's worked for me very well - hope it works for you too!

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Sounds great - it feels so good to be organized!

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I love it when I am organized, but it doesn't stay that way for long. Lol Can't wait to see what you come up with!

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Sounds like you're off to a great start!

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That sounds great! Everytime I put together mini packets I find myself still rummaging through my supplies and getting everything out. Hopefully you can stay focused.

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You are definitely off to a great start! Org****ng pictures makes it so much easier, that's for sure. I also have mine in ziplock bags according to different themes or activities and it has helped me a lot.

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Hurray for organization!

I think that's one thing that turned me on to digital scrapping... it's so much easier to keep things organized on the computer for me.

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That is great. I bet you feel wonderful having it all organized.

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That's a good start! Smile Glad you got organized - wish I could!

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Good job! I did a general organization back in early February and even though I haven't scrapped more often (yet), it's made scrapping on the spur-of-the-moment easier!

"Amy and kids" wrote:

... Org****ng pictures makes it so much easier, that's for sure....

So is organizing a bad word? Or did it think you typed something else?:ROFL: That really got my funny bone this morning Wink

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haha I saw that and wondered the same thing ROFL

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I have to be organized too, I have a stack of pictures placed with paper ready to be scrapped.