Rub a Dub Dub, 3 Babies in a tub (Layout)

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Rub a Dub Dub, 3 Babies in a tub (Layout)

I had fun with this one! I also did it for double duty, 2 CT's at once (woot!) ... TFL!

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Trina, that's adorable. I think it's my new favorite!

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You are so creative Trina. Really! I love each element! Loving the "embroidery floss" bows. That's just too cute.

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Loving the colors! You do such a great job!

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that LO is just too cute

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The bows are great, love the notebook that blue color. Great work and TFS

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what is it about babies in a bath that's so cute? cause I totally know what you're talking about (with your journaling). Love it!

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TOTALLY love it!! Love the colors and the picture is adorable!
Oh and super getting two CT's done with one layout. That rocks!

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Trina, great lo! How cute at they all together!!!

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Oh they ARE cute! I love the red polkas!

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Ok, that red and black polka dot with the blue is soooo cute! What a neat way to make it all blend in together! I need to remember that! Biggrin That's a cute pic, and an amazing LO!

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I LOVE that frame! And the colors on this one are soooo fun! It all goes together perfectly. Smile

And babies in the bathtub are too cute.

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so cute! I like the polka dots, bright colors, and notebook paper. awesome pic too Smile

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That aqua really makes the black and red pop. Nice job!

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Very Cute!

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