Ruthie is having a baby.....

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Ruthie is having a baby.....

BROTHER!!!! Yahoo

We are all so excited! Well, maybe not Ruthie, but Randall and I are! When Randall said, "Ruthie what do you think about having a baby brother?" She replied, "NO! I have a baby sister." I sat her down and told her that we need to be happy b/c God is giving us a healthy baby boy! She ran in & told my sister, so I guess she's getting more excited about it! I woke up this morning just knowing it was going to be a boy, after thinking this whole time it's a girl. We are on cloud nine right now! Off to shop for some goodies!!!!

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Congratulations! That is wonderful! A little girl and boy will be wonderful. I"m sure Ruthie will be a wonderful, fabulous big sister!

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Congrats to you Sadie. Little boys are soooo fun! Ruthie will LOVE him!

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I'm sooooo happy for you guys!!! Boys are so much fun!!! Wink

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Awww!! That's great!!!!!!! I'm sure she'll be so happy to take care of her new baby brother!! Congratulations! Before I opened up the message, i thought.. "BOY!" woohoo for intuituion! Wink

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I agree baby boys are alot of fun. I'm sure Ruthie will be a great big sister.

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Awww! How wonderful!

Congrats on joining the blue team. Smile

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Congrats on the boy! They are fun, I agree!

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Congratulations!! Boys are so so so so fun!! Smile

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Little boys are SO much fun!! Ruthie will love her baby brother!!

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Congrats on a baby boy!! Smile

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Congrats Boys are tons of fun!

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that is awesome! I'm so thrilled for you!!!! you'll love being a mom to a boy (despite the insanity of little boys, they are sooooooooooooooo different than girls!)

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