S/O I made a journal.. :-)

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S/O I made a journal.. :-)

Thanks for reminding me Honey3:14...I made this back in Jan and never posted it (i don't think lol) It isn't as good as hers. I made it for a bible study my girlfriends and I do every weekend. This is what holds all of my memory verses. (the pics are a little fuzzy) I just used a .89cent spiral notebook from walmart. I had a ton left over from a kit, and didn't know what to do with it. I don't know if i like the b/w checkered paper on there, but oh well it's done lol

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What fun! That is a special journal, I love that you made it for your Bible Study. TFS!

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that is beautiful!!!

O btw I love your siggy Liz!!!


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Liz! I've missed seeing you around. I know you've been busy lately. Eli is so cute in your siggy! LOL.

What a cute idea for your memory verses! You make me want to make one for myself. And I love the checkered pp.

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what a great little book:)

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Very cute, it turned out great!

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What a GREAT idea to use it for bible study! I just started teaching Sunday School and that gave me an awesome idea! THANKS! It looks amazing!

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Thanks ladies. Smile It's just something i keep by my bed when i'm not in class. I have the memory verses in sections such as when i'm feeling, frustrated or impatient...i'm able to look in that as a quick reference. Smile