Sad day

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Sad day

Well, we have three computers in the house. DH and I each have a laptop issued to us by our jobs, and we have a desktop in the office. We have a network set up to connect all of them. It's primary source is the desktop. Well, for the last few weeks, my laptop has been acting funny. So, we decided it was a good time to backup files on all three computers. We spent free time transferring things to the network and burning them to DVD on the desktop (the only one with a DVD burner). We finished all this about a week ago.

This morning, the desktop crashed. DH was listening to music last night while he worked out in there and the music stopped and told him he had to download something to continue. As soon as he did, all kinds of crazy things started popping up faster than he could shut the windows. So, he turned it off and went to bed. This morning, the only way he could turn the computer on was in safe mode. So, he had to reinstall windows - wiping everything off of the desktop and network.

Now, while we did just backup everything, things we put on the network this week were lost - including a bunch of stuff I just downloaded for scrapping and all of my pictures from June. :cry: I am going to try to piece them together as much as I can - I uploaded most of the pictures to different sites, but I know some are just lost forever.

It really stinks, because we had just agreed to save things on the network and back them up once a month. Best laid plans... *sniff*

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Oh, that really sucks. We experienced a similar situation when T.J. was just a couple of months old. I lost all the pictures that I hadn't uploaded to photo sharing sites. Now I'm religious about burning cds and uploading to at least 2 different sites. I'm sorry that you lost your pictures and supplies.

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Recover my files
So worth the money, I was able to recover a bunch of photos from my dd's 1st birthday party I thought I had lost. It may be able to help you as well!

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Thats awful (((HUGS)))) I hope you can get most of it back

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Oh I soooo feel awful for you. Our comp crashed two days afters dd's 1st bday and I lost all of the pics and video from that. I was devastated. I cried and cried and kept saying how do I tell her when she is older that I don't have any pics of her 1st bday. It was awful. Thankfully my dad had a few but nothing like what I had.

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Oh hon. I am so sorry. I would be in tears too.

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:bigarmhug: I'm so sorry! I'd be devastated too! Sad I hope you can somehow retrieve your files with that software Mel posted.

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It is such a blessing that you had backed everything up a week ago. I'll admit that I'm further behind than that on my backups. We lost everything once, just before Andrea was born. It is sad. I'm sorry you lost some pictures, I hope it wasn't too many and that you can piece everything back together. Even if you do get it all pieced back together, I'm sorry you have to do all of that. It is so frustrating!

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that sucks Sad sorry that happened