Sadie- OT Question for you

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Sadie- OT Question for you

Is Ruthie potty trained??? The only reason I ask is because in your then & now lo it looks like she is wearing underwear. If she is then I am so jealous. My 2 yr old looks at us like we are crazy every time we try to even get her near the potty. But she loves to flush the toilet and wash her hands!

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Yes, she is completely potty trained now. We worked pretty hard for a while. We started putting her on the potty at 15 months. I was a little leery thinking it wouldn't do anything, but she caught on super fast. By 20 months she was telling us she needed to go. She has maybe had 3 poop accidents since then. The only thing was she would pee just a little bit before she went and then she would tell me. She is done with that now, thank goodness! I would say she quit that about 2 months ago or so. It's been a long road, but she is done! I can say I do miss CD'ing her though!