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Sand Table LO

Please excuse the crappy picture. I lost the charger for my camera battery while on vacation so I had to dig out my old camera to post this. Sad

I'm not sure I love the overall LO, but there are parts that I actually like a lot. This is the LO I was wanting to make the smaller sized pics for, so it was fun playing around with that. I LOVE LOVE LOVED getting the four different pics on one sheet (and paying 9 cents like a regular pic!!). I think this it totally going to change the way I scrapbook! (I'm not kidding, Gwen - you are my HERO!!!) There are so many times I want to include a lot of pics but I wish they were smaller. I'm excited thinking about all of the possibilities...

I also really like the little crown at the bottom! I'm not sure why; I just think it's fun, I guess. I put some tiny bling on it. Wish I would have taken a close-up because it's cute!

Oh, and WTH? I think my paper cutter is cutting crooked lines!!! The more I tried to fix them the worse it got. ??? I guess when I think about it, I have had it forever, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. But it still ticks me off! LOL

ETA: Boy, am I chatty tonight or what?! I went to Michael's to pick out a birthday gift for my SIL...look what I found on clearance for $3.99!!

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Gorgeous LO! I love what you did with the smaller pics, I am definitely going to have to do that too, what site did you print them for only 9 cents?

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Oh this is an awesome layout!! I LOVE the design!

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I remember you struggling with the smaller pics, glad to see you got it the way you wanted it. I think it is so great! Love everything about this. We'd like to get our LOs a sand box of some sort, I can see that your LO loves it. Smile TFS and congrats on a good find at Michaels. Smile

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Thanks, ladies!

"Amy and kids" wrote:

Gorgeous LO! I love what you did with the smaller pics, I am definitely going to have to do that too, what site did you print them for only 9 cents?

I put the four pictures I wanted into a single 4x6 collage using Picasa (see this thread, uploaded that file to and had it printed as a regular 4x6 picture. So cool!!!! I am going to do this all the time, and you ladies are all going to get sick of seeing my mini pictures! LOL

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I LOVE THIS PAGE!!!! I have to go back and find your post now cause I also always wanted to do that. If I want wallets it is 99 cents a sheet so this is much better. That page is just perfect!

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I love the LO. I especially like the papers that you used. I am so scared of prints. Wink They look great!

Sometimes I think my paper cutter doesn't cut straight either.

Thanks for the idea about getting the 4 pictures printed on once 4x6

Also if you want/need a smaller pictures same day. You can take your camera or card to walmart and use the Kodak machines and you can print 9 pictures on one 4x6 and get it printed immediatly or you can print 2 on a 4x6. I think it cost .24cents, but it was so easy to do and fast.

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This is darling!! Katie, you are so talented...I love seeing pages from you! The crown is the perfect touch.

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this is a neat layout, I love it! and hooray for different size pictures. Wink I love the crown, so sweet.

my paper trimmer was doing that too so I bought a new one. I also have a big guillotine style one, and sometimes it cuts things crooked, and I don't know how. must be user error.

love that paper set! I can't believe you're giving that to SIL, I'd totally keep that one. Wink

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I absolutely LOVE that LO, I have to scraplift it and soon if you don't mind. I have done the collage thing before but only for cell phone pics since they are not high resolution they need to be smaller. I would for sure do this more often if I were you, I don't think anyone would get sick of it. You paired some great patterns too, I wish I was better at that. And last of all Lindsay is adorable.

I can't say enough good things about this one. WTG!

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You ladies are all so sweet! I always end up liking my LOs better after I read all of your comments! LOL

Andy, scraplift away! I think I have only been scraplifted once before (aside from the phone tag game, anyway :lol:) so I'd be honored!

love that paper set! I can't believe you're giving that to SIL, I'd totally keep that one. Wink

Oops...didn't word that very well in my first post...I went to Michael's to look for SIL, but yeah, I'm keeping that one for myself!!!! ROFL I'm no dummy! Biggrin

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I love this page. That's great that your able to get "wallet sized" on a 4x6. I love the look of smaller pics,, but don't do it often, because I really don't need 4 wallets of the same picture.

This is going in my scraplift folder.

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I really like this layout. I love the smaller pictures with the larger picture.

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I love the design of your page! I don't see any crooked lines at all, and I love the crown and the title, just awesome! Great color palette too!