Sandbox 2 page LO

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Sandbox 2 page LO

just finished these. the first page is in the frames challenge

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Those are really cute! And so is the crab sandbox!

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I really love the file folder tabs and the title! Very cute!

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Love the LOs Beckie, the frame is great. And what a cute sandbox!

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very cute!!

Grumpo? that's different, I like it. Smile

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Adorable sandbox and love the LO. The colors are great and the tab labels are a great idea. I may try doing that in a paper LO.

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These make me smile. They are so bright and happy!

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Neat sandbox! I love the colors you chose - they're perfect to bring out the colors in the photos.

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Okay...How fun is that page! I just love all the bright colors that go so well with the pictures! Awesome!

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Biggrin thanks ladies!!
with the brightness of the pictures i wanted to page to be bright as well!!
its very me! Biggrin

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Great job! I love both pages. Colors are perfect!

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Awesome job!!

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Love it! It turned out great Smile

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cute sandbox and I love your use of the frame!