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Anyone scrapping today?? I want to after dh and I get some stuff done around here but so am out of my scrapping groove...Maybe I should get a big scrapping idea like a gift for someone else and work on that.

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Not I ... Sad

I did get to be creative for work and put together some bookplates that will go inside some new Bibles at church. But Saturdays are usually one of my heaviest work days.

*sigh* back to work I go!

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Maybe tonight... Scout is only wanting to cat nap today so I barely have time to do dishes or laundry or anything before she wakes up again...

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Probably not tonight, but hopefully tomorrow. I did get an idea for a new LO and had DS pose for the picture, which turned out really cute, so I'm excited about that. I'm also brainstorming for an ABC book for him. Basically lots of thinking/planning going on but not much action! Lol Hopefully they will come together quickly when I actually start them.

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not me. We had a cousin's 50th anniversary celebration today and when we were not there I was planted on the couch cross-stitching. I am going to try to get motivated to scrap a page or two tomorrow.

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I DID I DID!!! I hope to work a little more today on them or tonight.