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Saturday QOTD

I don't know what got me thinking of this but it just popped in my head lol

Did you ever steal anything when you were a kid?

I just had this memory all of a sudden of me in grade 3....I stole an ornament of a squirrel that my teacher kept on her desk. I remember knowing how bad stealing was, but wanting to "get even" for her giving me a bad mark on a test. Lol I ended up putting in back when the class was empty at recess because I felt bad (but still thought it was somehow her fault I didn't study :lol)

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I stole a ball from the front porch of another apartment when I was little because we didnt have one to play with. We put it back when we were done though Smile

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I normally don't post on the QOTD thread (no real reason why, I think just because I am so far behind in replies on all of my boards :lol:) but I had to reply here.

I was arrested for shoplifting when I was 13. I used to steal all sorts of stuff. The day I was caught, I was taking film, eyeshadow, a disposable toothbrush and a Swatchguard. Yes, I remember the details. My 6 year old sister was with me, the store alarm went off when we were leaving and I made her run with me until we were caught. My parents were PISSED! I had to go to family court and do community service. So that was the end of my stealing days.

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Change out of my parent's change 'cup', and 2 or 3 times I stole notebooks out of the school supply closet - no idea why, I'm pretty sure I used them, don't know why I felt the need to 'steal' them. I always think people are thinking I'm stealing (in stores, etc) for some reason though - though I've never done that from a store, I always think they're following me on the cameras.

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I stole a "Airhead" candy. LOL That's it.

Trina - I kinda know how you feel. I work in retail and being in retail for soooo long, I know exactly what to look for when it comes to people stealing. Sometimes I'm so in tune to it, it makes me crazy. Certain things just make me think "are they?" So I can understand......even if I'm just a regular customer, I think, am I making those behaviors...sometimes I just have to tell myself to stop being an idiot! LOL

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I'm late but here's a good one:
I stole a pack of gum when I was little. My Nana (g'ma) caught me b/c of course as soon as I got to the car I stuffed 2 pieces in my mouth and started chewing. Big dummy! She marched me in the store, found the manager, and made me say sorry over the intercom. I remember it was one of those big microphones and it had a button to push to talk into it.

I have a constant fear in stores that someone is watching me and thinking I'm stealing too. I was in Target the other day and I pulled my chapstick out to use it while I was in the make-up section and I was terrified to put it back in my purse so I held it. I even told the cashier when I got to the check-out that it was in my hand and it was old. It was a teenage boy and he just looked at me like I was a crazy lady. Smile

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Lol ya yesterday wayne and i were in costco and one of the sample ladies gives him two packages of sample lotions...(I didn't want any)...then as we're walking away he goes "here can you put these in your purse?" I go "no way! I'm not gonna look like I'm stealing. You carry them" lol

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Funny about Target. I hate when we go shopping and the kids are waring something we just got there like the week before. I am so paranoid they are going to think we just ok it off the shelf and put it on them. But I know people that work in security they would not do that they look at the doors all the time and what you come in with.

Once I was trying on rings at a counter in macys when shoppign with mom. They where the 3-5$ section not being watched just in a tray and I liked one so I tried it on my thumb (a place I never ware rings). Kept that one on and tried others on my ring fingers. Put them all back. It was not until we got home (I was a teen at the time) that mom said to me "oh so you bought one" I was so embarrsed that I had walked out with the one on my thumb and did not pay for it. That I still have it and I never ware it.

We had a huge CC issue at x-mas and I had a cart of stuff. Everything I had was paid for but I walked out of the store with a dyson that ran the bells because it still had the tags on it that with all the CC issues teh casheire for got to take off. No one came after me and I just kept wondering (do they go off that often that you can walk out with a vacuum without anyone stopping you) But then I figured surcerty had seen me at the check out and figured it was paid for. But it was a strange feeling "getting out of the store with something that big and not having anyone question me about it"

I have also as an adult noticed stuff at the bottom of a bag that was not mine and that is not on my recipet when I got home that I never brougth back is that steeling? I don't return them because a trip the the store is not easy. Once I tried to pay for it at the next visit and the manager thougth I was crazy and was like I have nto bar code to scan. But then it works out int eh end I guress at times I have paid for things that have somehome not come home with us (lol bet someome else got it in the bottom of there bag). I figure for it to get into the bag a worker scaned it and charded someone for it but then that someone forgot to pick that bag up when they left.

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Actually I never have stolen anything from a store, but growing up I remember sneaking into our pantry and getting into the Tang mix. We weren't allowed to eat the dry powder (very strict family) so my sis and I would hide it in little bowls and cups in the china cabinet. Then when my parents weren't looking we'd go eat it. Biggrin LOL, it sounds sooooo dumb now, but boy, back then we thought we were living on the edge. hahaahahaha

Wait, I remember walking out of a store on our honeymoon in San Antonio with a postcard I forgot to pay for!!!!!!!!!!!! DH reminded me! Lol I remember I felt sooo bad, but we'd already walked to the other end of the Riverwalk. By the time we walked back everything was closed. I only found it because I had set it on top of my purse, intending to pay for it along with the other items we got from the store but forgot entirely. I even tried slipping money inside the door, but couldn't. lol. DH kept saying "it's only 25 cents...quit worrying about it" but I felt like I was going to get arrested for shoplifting any minute. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

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I thought of some other things I stole as a kid, but I don't think I'll post about it. ROFL I was such a bad kid at times!

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:oops: Yes, and I am VERY ashamed of this. One year for Christmas, we bought my MIL a jacket. Turns out, the lady didn't ring it up. We figured it out later, but we never went back.