Saturday QOTD

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Saturday QOTD

Name 3 sounds you hear at this moment (apart from your own typing lol)...

Mine are

1) cars driving past (our windows suck)
2) the neighbours building their house
3) Wayne snoring

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Patrick telling me he doesn't want to get dressed.

My upstairs neighbors making up with his girlfriend.

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cars on the road, tv, and x shaking a maraca!

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Dora the explorer, Brooklynn singing along, and the fish tank murmur.

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Fun one!

I hear the kids playing with Evan's hunting set :rolleyes:, the fish tank, and the TV - clue why it is on!!! LOL

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Bindi the Jungle Girl that Kayson is watching, Darlene Zschech Shout to the Lord I have playing on my PC, birds outside (it's a pretty day so my windows are open.).

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Posts: 5333's really quiet here. LOL

the bubbles in my diet coke
the washer doing it's spin cycle
my computer (it's kind of loud sometimes)

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computer whirring, television (DH watching a movie), dryer

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1. the heat in my house turning on
2. a car pulling in to the driveway across the street
3. my 30 gallon fish tank

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DH talking with Caleigh (he's giving her directions on things to draw on her aquadoodle and she's repeating them -- they're drawing a zebra)

the static of the baby monitor

the clack of the keyboard keys

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the TV

my computer

my cat

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Katie on a sugar craze rampage because she ate the entire big piece of cake rather then smashing it for cute 1st birthday pictures.
Caleb trying to convince grandma that he doesn't need to do his flash cards again.
My dad freaking out about the baptism party.

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My husband on the treadmill.

The basketball game on TV.

A bag rattling (I went shopping and I'm unpacking my goodies!)

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1. the movie Prince Caspian
2. DH sniffling
3. me breathing

(we both caught DS's cold)

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1. Guns firing (DH playing video game)
2. Dog growling (wants DH to play with him)
3. DH's phone (just got a text message)

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David talking with Peter
music on TV
Heath nursing (such a sweet sound)

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My LOUD fridge
My baby 'chirping' like a budgie (she's talking to herself)
Phone ringing ... gotta go!

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Eli grunting
the dog growling at the other dog