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Saturday QOTD

How did you get into scrapbooking?

I have always made little mini albums and crafty things like that...mostly as gifts...but couldnt bring myself to start scrapping for myself as I thought the photos in scrapbooks would take up so much more room than just in photo albums. Then my younger sister bought me a scrapbooking kit and I came over to this board and asked your thoughts. You were all so nice I was wanting in right away. lol. Never looked back!:D

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I had always wanted to since I heard about it. My sister and my mom were really into it for a while but I just didn't really have anything to scrapbook. I didn't take pictures. I wasn't into having my picture taken and I just didn't have any reason too. Then I joined another board and 90% of the girls on there were really really into scrapbooking so I started looking at their pictures that they took and I realized, I had an eight month old baby that I had tons of pictures of, and what better thing to scrapbook than my child?

He's 25 months now and I've never looked back, althought I'd probably have a much bigger savings account if I didn't scrapbook because it is quite costly but I love it.

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When I was pregnant with Kayson, I went to look at baby books. A lot of them seemed nice,but not "personal" enough. I never in my wildest dreams considered myself creative, but when we went to the Hallmark store I found the most gorgeous scrapbook. It was one of those kinds that you just add photos. It was $75 and I was like "whaaaat?? For that I can create one"! Little did I know I'd be spending well over $75 by the time I was done. Biggrin LOL So I went straight from there to Hobby Lobby and picked out a scrapbook, some papers, embellishments and decided I'd try doing it myself. I spent about $20 bucks that day. I didn't even start any pages until Kayson was about 6 weeks old. As soon as I did the first page I fell in love with it! I'm so glad I went on that quest to look for the 'perfect' baby book, because it turns out I found the most fun hobby ever.

PS I do have a baby book for Kayson too, that I've kept ridiculously up-to-date with each and every milestone. :rolleyes: Everyone laughs at me and says I'm definitely a first-time mom. Someone gave it to me at my baby shower, and I'm glad to have it too.

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I didn't think I would like it. It seemed like a lot of time and money to spend on something. Then I got pregnant. There are only a handful of photos from my childhood and that makes me sad. I saw a friend's scrapbook that she did for her daughter. I saw the love and happiness that went into it and I knew that I wanted my child to experience it too. So, I started.

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I have always been crafty, and the first scrapbook I tried my hand at was of some college stuff. I think it all started because for our Little Sisters in our sorority, we had to make them a pledge book, which was sort of like an altered project. No pictures but definitely along the lines of scrapbooking. So, I soon started trying to scrap events, spring break, etc. My first couple sucked, but the next ones I did got better and continue to get better.

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I missed this yesterday some how. DH really got me started. He has always collected/saved things from places we have been (like movie stubs, mini-golf score cards, etc.) We went to Gatlinburg in 1999 and I "attempted" to scrap the trip although I didn't know that was what I was doing at the time. I just used a photo album with the top and bottom pic holder and put the pic in one and something else (journaling or stubs) in the other slot.

My first actual scrapbook was one I did with Ginger (our oldest dog). I bought one of those kits that comes with the album, paper, and embellishments. I've been hooked ever since.

My niece will be turning 15 in March and I plan to get her one of those album kits! Hopefully I will get her hooked too! Lol

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I randomly started scrapping when DH and I were dating. I switched to digital when Andrea was born.

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A friend of mine in University showed me an album she did of her trip to Africa, and I loved how it looked so much I started myself ... then I got into digital when I got a program for Christmas 2005.

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I wanted to make birth announcements to send out after Anna was born (Feb 2005). Felt bad that I didn't do anything for Caleb and liked the things hubby's friends were sending about their kids. The girl who replaced me while I was on maternity leave gave me some suggestions and we went to a crop together (even though I had practically nothing). From there I thought I'd try to make a few Christmas cards to give myself something to do. It spiraled into this.

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During my pregnancy. I saw a scrapbooking kit at Costco and that's what really kicked it off. I really still don't understand how I really got into it. Other than having a super great subject to scrapbook about! LOL

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I always loved pics. I started taking photos a lot when I was teaching daycare. I loved my kids so much and one day put all the pics in an album. I never cut them apart I was scared of "missing something" it the pic was cut up. (before I had a digital camra) If you cut that pic that was it it was altered
for life.

Then my mom passed in 2004 and I wanted to scrap my last pics of her and I at my baby shower, but was still scared to cut them. (not my pics another lady had given me 1 copy of each photo she had taken)

But then I was invited to a scrapbook party when Tessa was 4 months old. By that time I had 100's of photos of Peter and her but decided to start with my first inspiration and brought my baby shower pics with mom to the crop. It was more of a class then just a crop and the lady let us use all her stuff and I was hooked. I learned I had a natural flare for it and cutting them was not as scary and almost captured the feeling of the day better then just random backgrounds I could cut out things I did not like in a pic or cover them in the LO keeping still my fave parts of the pics visible. It made me see my bad job at taking photos could be turned into something awesome .
My cousin got married in June and I made her a book and now a book for MIL. It is so hard to find time to do it but now DH sees how much I enjoyed it so he got me a cricut for v-day (got it yesterday and it is still in the box) and I plan to make gifts with it from now on, saving us money and using the photos I take anyway. My next project is to make a book for Heath about his sleep apnea hospital stay to go with the blog (see siggy) I have kept for him about it.