Saying Hi (no scrapping)

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Saying Hi (no scrapping)

I figure you guys were about ready for another episode of DAYS OF OUR LIVES aka Kelly's Life! ROFL

I went back to my ob/gyn and everything is holding tight, looking ok and thankfully I'm hoping to not have surgery. I'm really happy about it!!!

We were called about twins born last Friday and for so many reasons we said no. Just a lot of unknowns that sent red flags to DH and I and we just decided that it wasn't the right situation to try to embrace. I will say it feels SOOOOO good to tell someone else NO! I know that sounds so ugly and unchristian like but I was so happy to have that power in my hands today to tell them it wasn't right for us instead of someone telling me we weren't right for them. I know, that's ugly to say.

Our profile is out on a little guy at the moment. Who knows? We should know in a few weeks and once again I find myself at peace either way.

And now my sad not able to scrap news. Sad I'm having a really bad flare up with my arthritis lately in my hands. I was diagnosed several years ago. This past weekend I really overdid it working in the yard and now my right hand won't close. I'm on a anti-inflammatory and I see a rheumatologist in a week b/c I'm concerned that it has progressed to rheumatoid arthritis (my mom and g'ma have it as well). So DH has kinda banished me from my scrap room & dishes (although who cares about the dishes ;)). I'm hoping to get it back under control b/c I'm on spring break soon and I have lots of pics to scrap. For now, I'm just tucking all you gals work in my lift folder.

Happy Spring!

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Kelly I'm glad it felt empowering to tell someone else no for a change. When you know in your heart it isn't right then you know.

I will say a prayer for all involved in the little boy's situation that the right decision whatever it may be is made for this little boy. But do pray that you are made a mommy.

Sorry to hear about your arthritis. Sad

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Your poor hands! I hope that the meds work fast for you. I can't even imagine not being able to close a hand like that. KUP on that, okay?

And I'm proud of you for recognizing a good time to say no. It's not always easy, but it sounds like it was a good thing to do. I continue to pray for you guys, and I sure hope that things work out for the best for the little boy.

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I'm not a christian so I guess I don't really know Lol but that doesn't sound "unchristian" or "ugly" to me at all! you have to do what is right for you and I bet it felt good to be able to take control of your own destiny for a once! There's nothing wrong with feeling good about being able to make a decision for yourself. Thinking of you with all you have going on and I sure hope those hands heal up soon so you can get back into scrapping, I am in serious need of inspiration Smile

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I don't think it's ugly and unchristian at all to have said no. In fact, it's the opposite because you're not pushing your limits beyond what you can handle right now.

I'm really sorry to hear about the arthritis. I grew up with a mom with osteo-arthritis and know what it's like to watch someone younger with arthritis so frustrated when they can't do something they love for awhile. I pray that you find some answers soon.

Thanks for checking in! I think of you often.

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It's so good to hear from you! I hope your arthritis flare up is better soon. That must be so hard with everything you need hands for on a daily basis. I'm sure the dishes in the sink are bugging you. Wink I hope that everything works out with the little boy, and will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I think of you often!

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your version of days of our lives is WAY better :D. im so happy that you took over the reigns and said no! you know whats right for you and your family, so dont ever think its ugly or unchristian. and you cant....gulp...scrap?! eeeek! i LOVE looking at your work! we need those little hands to get better ASAP!! Biggrin

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aww hun. I don't think it's ugly to say no either. You and your hubby know what is right for you and so does God. And I bet there will be a lot of people jumping at the chance to adopt baby twins so they will go to another good home Smile I hope your hands get some relief soon! I have a good friend who has really bad arthritis so I know a bit of what you are going through. you poor thing :bigarmhug: I will keep the situation with this new boy in my prayers. I can hardly wait for you guys to get your forever child Biggrin You'll be the best! And I am really happy the doc update is so good :bigarmhug:

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Glad to hear all went well with the OB Kelly, though sad to hear your hands are sore. That has to be hard, particularly being on break now. UGH!!!

I pray for you every day Kelly and still feel so convinced that He's going to do great things for you. KUP okay???

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Kelly- you are NOT a bad person for saying what you said. We all know you've been through a lot. I hope this sweet little boy works out for you and he's in your hands before you know it. I'm still praying. KUP!

Sorry about the arthritis. My dad has it and it's not good. I hope and pray you don't have it. KUP!

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I'm glad you're at peace with your decision about the twins and with the other little boy, sending you hugs and hope!

And I hope your hands start feeling better soon!

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There is freedom in saying "No". God doesn't expect us to be run-over and say yes to everything. He gave us a wonderful free-will. I'm so happy to hear that you are able to say no and feel good about it. I've been praying and will continue to pray for your journey to be parents. Please always keep us posted, because I think of you so often. Hugs!