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Scan Pic (OT & XP)

Today went really well. Baby is nice and healthy and my placenta is not low. I'll be scanned later on for VP related things and i'm back at MUMS a week on Saturday for another anomoly scan too.

Good times!! Biggrin

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beautiful! so glad all is well. and that's really a lovely profile shot of the new little one.

so what names are you tossing around?

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What a super picture! So cute! Congrats that all went well Sarah!

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Wow thats a really great shot!

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You're growing a beautiful baby!

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Thank you! Biggrin

No names yet. We really struggle with names!! When we do decide we will be keeping them under wraps though. Biggrin

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:wavehello: Hello baby!! Can't wait to meet you!

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what an adorable bebe!!!!!! ahhhh!!!!!

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Glad everything is great, love the picture!