this scared the heck out of me.

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this scared the heck out of me.

I was just finishing watching a movie when I thought where is Tyson he is way too quiet. I looked all downstairs and then went up to his room but he was not in there so I look in all the other rooms but no Tyson by now I am yelling his name and looking in closets while yelling for dh just as I run down the stairs freaking out I feel something...




The blanket was fully over his head so thank god I did not jump down on him or something. He slept downstairs last night and so this morning I folded his blanket on the steps. It was there all day so I did not think anything lol I have to scrap this.

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LOL!!!!!!!!! (I'm sure that was super scary at first, but just so cute!) Yep, that will make a great page!

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Oh my! That is hilarious now, but must have scared you silly.

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woah! Good thing you didnt step on him is right! That would have scared the crap out of me! That is so funny he decided to sleep there!

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I've had those scary moments too!! lol

this reminds me of the time we couldn't find my niece (3 at the time) we put her in bed, and when my SIL went to check on her before bed she wasn't there!! we looked EVERYWHERE we were seconds from calling the cops...then...i saw the laundry basket move LOL she curled up in the laundry basket and covered herself completely!

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Both Peter and Tessa have done that to me. Crazy kids why do they not just go to bed when tired?

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funny! I've had that happen too - once I found Jordan asleep UNDER her bed!

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LOL, get used to it. I still find my 13 year old under the bed sometimes.

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:eek: I would have been terrified too. Guess that's what comes with being a mom huh?

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Wow... I would have been scared too. Kids find the craziest places to sleep sometimes.

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I don't get how they can sleep anywhere! lol Great job grabbing the camera, can't wait to see the page!

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