scrap area, cousins paper LO, card and new paper!

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scrap area, cousins paper LO, card and new paper!

here is my scrap area. it isn't spectacular but i love it. it's my own little corner! Smile

A PAPER layout, it's been a while since iv'e done paper, so i'm not completely happy with it.

and i'm not sure i like this card. but oh well, it's the thought that counts Smile

and my new paper from target...GLITTER PAPER!! it's sooooo pretty!!! i can't wait to use it. I'll probably just use it on cards so i can get the most out of them!

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Okay first of all I have to get that paper! That would make great titles with the cricut! Also WELCOME BACK to the paper side (although your digital pages also gave me great idea's) I think the lo and card are great can't wait to see some more! Oh and I love your space! Where did you get your cubby and lamp???

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the cubby i have had for years. I got it from target, they still sell them. they sell them in white, natural wood and dark wood..maybe black too? and they have all colors of the red bins i have in it.

I don't remember where we got the lamp...maybe target? it was about 4 years ago.

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Wow, look at those sparkly papers!!!

I love your scrap area. It looks so easy and organized!

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Great space! Congrats. I too love that sparkly paper, can't wait to see what you produce. And i think your LO and card are very good.

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ANY scrap space is awesome in my opinion! Biggrin You did a great job on the LO and card. I think you made wonderful products paper or digi! Biggrin

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Your scrap space looks great. I like your card with the tree. That turned our great. Love that glitter paper!

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I really, really like your LO.

And can I just say that your scrap place is so clean!!!

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"pickle in middle" wrote:

I really, really like your LO.

And can I just say that your scrap place is so clean!!!

really? i think it's a disaster! LOL

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I like the shelf with the bins. We have 1 of those (not the same one but from the same collection) in our toy room. the bins are so fun for storing things! that glitter paper rocks. can't wait to see what you do with it!

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I like your space, looks nice and cozy. and I think your cousins layout is great, I LOVE how you rounded the corners only at the bottom. and the tree card is nice. oh, and awesome glitter paper!

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Liz, the space turned out great and I'm jealous that you actually have a space. Now I know I need to get organized and maybe I can talk DH into giving me a small section of our house. Like the bathroom. Hahaha.

BTW, I really like how your layout looks. It's a great layout for paper.

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Thats a nice little cozy space! The tree card is cute.

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Great space! And I like the paper layout - I've never returned to paper since I went digi. I am really loving those glitter papers though!

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yeah after that paper layout, i'm thinking digi scrapping is my thing. i think digi just flows better for me. but i'll def be using my space for card making. Smile I'm going to get a stock going and then try to sell them again.

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Oooh, so nice to have your own space there! And I love the glitter paper...can't wait to see what you do. Glad to see a paper page from you. Smile I think it turned out really good.

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Great space! It's so organized. Love the LO and cards! That paper will be great in cards.

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it all looks great!:D