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scrap night pages!

I was so productive last night! I guess it was b/c Ruthie had kids to play with and not mommy's scrapbook stuff! Lol

Both my sisters came over. We had a really good time. There was supposed to be wine involved, but my sis forgot it! Wink I got 4 pages done. We started about 7:30 and didn't finish until 12. Here's what I did. I will describe the things that aren't visible. Does anyone have any tips for taking pics of pages? Thanks for looking!

Still not sure about this one. The title is "sun kissed cheeks." The journaling on the top left pic says," you weren't too sure about the pool the first day....."
The bottom pic on the left says, "but by the second day, you were grinning from ear to ear!"

"These Boots Were Made For Walking" I sort of want to re-do this one, but I might just keep it. I was really looking forward to doing this page!
The journaling says, "Ruthie loved her "boo boos". She wore them everywhere with a smile!"

"Our Lil' Rodeo Queen" Not sure if you can read the sticker or not. The side says, "Ruthie's first rodeo." This one is probably my fav.

Father's Day. Journaling on the top says, "Why a daughter needs a dad- So she will know what it is like to be somebody's favorite. To be the standard against which she will judge all men. Because without him she will have less in her life than she deserves." I think you can see everything else.

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I LOVE those! The boots are made for walking one is priceless! Those are so great!

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those are great!! lots of work done!!!! Smile love the swimming one! Smile

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those are great! I love the fathers day one!!

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Those are so awesome Sadie! I love the daddy page and the little cowgirl page. Sooooo goood!!!!

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How adorable! I love the boots one. Too cute! TFS

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Those are FAB Sadie!! You do such great work. I think the father's day one is my favorite. I really like the quote.

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Great job!!!

I love them

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I LOVE the father's day one!!!!!!! she's so cute in all the pics!

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I love them all. Your dd is soooo cute!! Great job.