Scrapbook #1 of 3 - My Pets

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Scrapbook #1 of 3 - My Pets

I'm going to take it one book at a time! LOL So here is my scrapbook dedicated to my pets....this is only a 8x8 book.

Each pet got a whole layout dedicated to them....

In arrival to our home...

Jetta -

Passat -

Phaeton - The very 1st page I did when I started scrapbooking...

Amber - Weimaraner

Haley - Boxer

Now individual pages...

Yes, all my cats are named after Volkswagen's. And that's it so far for the Pets Scrapbook! Thanks for looking!

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aww, that's so sweet! those really are nice pages.

when we had two kitties, I had a webpage dedicated to them. my oldest was diagnosed with severe cat allergies at 8 months and they had to go then. Sad

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Cute, cute, cute! I love how you did a page of all your pets! That makes me want to do one of my dog Vienna. Biggrin

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wow great pages
and lots of pets you have Smile

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Love the photo of the cat in the paper sack! LOL! Great job on the album!

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Awww, that is so sweet. Your pets must be really loved Smile

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I think that is absolutely precious that you have a whole scrapbook devoted to just them! What a sweet heart you have! Biggrin TFS!

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I love this book! Smile I wish i had room and the money to paper scrap!

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What a fun idea! Your pages are great!

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THat looks great! I found this board after you mentioned it on our April board I didn't know it was here. I can't even think of doing one for my pets though. I only have the LOs done from when he came home from the hospital....I am soooo behind.

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Welcome Christine!